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SJS Solutions

SJS Solutions

Optymyse visual communications software is an affordable way to solve many of the employee engagement and communication problems which exist in modern contact centers.  More than a wallboard Optymyse provides complete control of screen designs (custom or template) and allows the dynamic recycling of screen space. Quickly build bold, easy to read, branded designs guaranteed to motivate agents and create professional contact center environments. More than 100 real-time Mitel metrics, custom metrics, super groups and data from other sources (Zendesk, CRM, Social, WFO etc). Reduce employee stress and help agents meet customer needs by providing instant access to key information.


  • Multiple Data Source (REST API)
  • Multi Device (TV, Mobile, Desktop)
  • SaaS / Cloud / On Premise / Capex / Hybrid
  • Maximum scalability (multi-site)
  • Complete screen design flexibility


  • Increases employee engagement
  • Provides real-time performance management
  • Supports internal branding & communication
  • Enhances the agent environment
  • Drives improvements in employee & customer satisfaction

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