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Lane Powell Case Study

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Case Studies

Lane Powell rules in favor of ShoreTel UC to support a collaborative, productive environment, while lowering costs and complexity

Lane Powell

Time to upgrade

Lane Powell wanted to move from its old PBX system to a VoIP solution that had to be easy to use, feature-rich, manageable, and scalable throughout the organization.

A UC to help better manage clients

Business communications at Lane Powell entail supreme coordination across departments and throughout cases, and require effective and quicktempo collaboration with clients and other involved parties—regardless of office location or technology.

“We needed to provide the right array of tools for attorneys and staff to manage client communications. Rather than being concerned about missing calls, they want confidence that they’ll have call history and built-in directories, that there are mobility features that allow them to get important calls at whichever office or desk they’re presently working from,” says Daniel Lancaster, network administrator and telecommunications manager at Lane Powell PC.

Lane Powell worked with regional reseller TRI-TEC to assess potential VoIP vendor solutions. TRI-TEC is a full-service telecommunications and data convergence partner with 20 years in the business and more than a decade of VoIP implementations. The reseller is also a ShoreTel Certified Orange Champion Partner, with proven technical competencies, expertise, and customer service.

“TRI-TEC had a breadth of knowledge on the features to best suit our needs. We were so impressed with the strengths of the ShoreTel IP Phones’ intuitive programming, of ShoreTel Communicator for Windows, and the manageability of the entire solution. We chose a more advanced ShoreTel IP Phone as the primary phone for most of our users. The touch screen interface and design of the phone made it our clear choice over the competition,” explains Lancaster.

Discovering the powerful simplicity of ShoreTel UC

Lane Powell recognized ShoreTel UC for its simple approach to everything. With unified communications that integrate voice, video, and data, ShoreTel is based on a distributed architecture and innovative software built into a scalable modular design.

The ShoreTel UC solution at Lane Powell was designed for pervasive productivity and ease of use across the organization. The solution includes ShoreTel software, ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Conferencing, ShoreTel Voice Switches, and ShoreTel IP Phones, including the flagship ShoreTel IP Phone with advanced features and a touchscreen.

ShoreTel software provides enhanced capabilities for video communications, iOS mobile conferencing, instant messaging (IM), prioritized traffic signaling, and even customizable on-hold music. The core software helps provide Lane Powell with seamless integration of tools and applications for an all-around simpler operation of the system.

ShoreTel Communicator adds to the ease of use with a single interface that provides immediate access to online directories and Microsoft Outlook contacts, and allows users to communicate in a variety of ways — video or voice, web or mobile, wireless or tethered. For the Lane Powell IT team, Communicator simplifies administration because there is only the one application to support and no extra servers to deploy or maintain. Communicator’s fully integrated design also means greater flexibility to share information and manage business processes and efficiencies.


Daniel Lancaster, Network Administrator and
Telecommunications Manager
Lane Powell PC

Lane Powell selected Communicator with Operator Access to deliver a higher level of personalized service to callers, while also ensuring that operators have at-the-ready tools to manage busy call times. Communicator provides Lane Powell employees with extensive functionality for how best to queue and route calls, access mailboxes, and monitor call activity. The system even has a Conference View to unify audio conferencing controls and application sharing windows, with one-click convenience.

Lane Powell employees gain freedom to instantly access their most important messages and to change their destination phone number to any device for more expedient call management. The ShoreTel Call Handling Mode and Find Me features assure that they won’t miss calls or voicemails because the phones are set to “follow” the users to any designated phone number.

Conferencing-in greater flexibility and efficiency

Integral to Lane Powell’s new IP efficiencies is ShoreTel Conferencing, which empowers users with effortless, on-demand audio and web conferencing. ShoreTel Conferencing enables users to schedule a conference or set up impromptu meetings, to add participants at any time, and to collaborate and share documents or a desktop view. Using a pointer or whiteboard session during ShoreTel web conferences allows the host to instantly share the document created during that session. For guest locations and secondary offices, Lane Powell decided on ShoreTel IP Phones that support Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and data-intensive functionality at the desktop. This particular IP phone provides three lines and integrated VPN client for remote security, caller ID display, a two-way speakerphone, and handsfree communication.

ShoreTel makes a case for an improved user experience and higher productivity

The ShoreTel implementation was seamlessly rolled out over a couple of weeks to provide the smooth transition that the firm envisioned. Since deploying ShoreTel UC across the organization, Lane Powell has won the case for smarter, simpler VoIP. Lane Powell employees enjoy ShoreTel’s multitude of choices for accomplishing work. The ShoreTel architecture, software, and phones provide new capabilities and effective methods for Lane Powell to manage business communications.

“With ShoreTel, our employees like having the availability of voicemail embedded directly in their email. They also appreciate having the corporate directory available on the phone itself, as well as the ease of quickly reviewing any missed calls while away from their desks. All of these features provide our users with an improved experience and higher productivity,” concludes Mary Hoskins, director of information technology for Lane Powell.


Mary Hoskins
Director of Information Technology
Lane Powell


When it came time to implement VoIP across the organization, Lane Powell wanted to ensure a userfriendly, feature-rich, and highly scalable solution that would be easy and cost-efficient to manage and maintain.


The ShoreTel UC solution included ShoreTel Voice Switches, ShoreTel Conferencing, ShoreTel Communicator, and ShoreTel IP Phones.


  • Lower TCO due to reduced carrier costs
  • Simpler administration and faster MACs
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Call history visibility

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